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Real Talk: Being a Girl Mom

I have been thinking recently about my experience being a girl mom. Truth be told, I never desired to be a girl mom, or thought that I would be one. I was the only daughter in my family, and grew up surrounded by boys while being raised by a mother who was also the only daughter in a family full of boys, so I’ve always been more comfortable around boys than girls. I was always a bit of a tom boy and never felt particularly feminine because it was never fostered, and female connection wasn’t something I was exposed to in my growing up years.

When I got pregnant with GG and found out she was a girl, I was terrified. I constantly wondered if I would be able to love her and connect with her the way she would need. But when she was born, our connection came effortlessly, and my doubts had subsided by the time Josie entered our family.

I absolutely love being a girl mom. I never saw myself as one until I became one, and now I realize that I was meant to be a girl mom so that I could fully discover myself and embrace the parts of me that I hadn’t before. My girls have taught me to be more patient, gentle, and kind. They have refined me, and shown me how fleeting everyday moments are. They’ve helped me to find joy in the seemingly mundane, and to laugh and smile more. They are the best parts of me, and it’s truly an honor to call them my daughters.

Did you have any fears of motherhood based on your past experiences?

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