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Traveling with Kids - Why Do We Do It?

We've all thought (or experienced) the challenges that come with traveling with kids. Especially young kids. It's easy to let those challenges make us decide to just not travel because it's too hard.

First of all, let me validate all of these fears and challenges:

  • Will they even remember it?

  • It seems so expensive.

  • Their sleep schedules will get all messed up.

  • They can't sit still and get bored so easily.

  • What will they eat?

I've had all of these same thoughts and fears myself. They're valid. Traveling with kids is NOT always easy. (In fact, it's usually not). But my family has chosen to lean into the discomfort instead of letting it hold off on traveling.

The benefits of travel for kids are countless.

🔹Kids grow through experiences, not memories.

🔹Travel makes kids flexible and adaptable

🔹Traveling cultivates a child's sense of independence and ability to take initiative.

🔹New places provide the perfect opportunities for hands-on learning & education.

🔹Cultural exposure as kids makes for more compassionate and empathetic adults.

🔹Engaging in new experiences as a family facilitates connection and a strong bond.

🔹There are SO many budget-friendly travel destinations for families.

(To name just a few)

Traveling with kids is not easy. I'm not here to convince you that it is. But it's worth the challenges.

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