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Family Fun in Boston, MA

Looking for a springtime family getaway that’s only an hour flight from the Mid-Atlantic? Time for a trip to Boston!

We had a great time exploring the city - it is filled with fun activities for the whole family.

A few of our favorites were:

🔹Seeing the sites of the city at View Boston, an interactive experience that introduces you to the history and diversity that Boston has to offer. 🏙️📍

🔹Enjoying Saturday morning Play Date at the Institute of Contemporary Art with crafts and story time. 🎨📚

🔹Exploring the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum and learning all about the historic events that took place. ☕️🚤

🔹Eating delicious meals, snacks, and treats representing diverse cuisines and traditions. 🍪🌮🥂

🔹Creating our own lego figurines and building our way through the LEGO® Discovery Center. 💡🕹️

Which activity do you think your kids would love to check out first?

Stay tuned for my full video itinerary for a family weekend in Boston!

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