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Real Talk Wednesday 💬First Day of School

My oldest started kindergarten in August of this year, and it was really hard on my mama heart. When she got onto the school bus on the first day of school, the tears all came. It was a huge adjustment not having her home during the day. I have missed her laughter filling the house, but I knew that she was ready for this step and it's been so good for her.

While I was fully immersed in my feelings when she left on that first day, my husband sent me the sweetest text. He reminded me of all I did and sacrificed to get GG to this point. The career shifts, the late nights, the long days. I realized that this milestone is not just for GG, it’s also a milestone for me - I successfully raised a competent 5 year old who was brave enough to confidently walk onto a school bus full of strangers today and make new friends.

While she was at school, I sat down and made a list of all the things I'm proud of myself for, in addition to a list of all the things I'm proud of GG for. It brought me a much needed moment of calm and gratitude, and allowed me to celebrate this day vs. just viewing it as a day of difficult transition. It helped me turn a sad day into a beautiful, amid bittersweet, day.

When she got home, she told me that she had a great day (of course she did), and I took a few moments to read her the list of things I was proud of her for. It was the most perfect moment I could have asked for on a difficult day.

If you have struggled (or are struggling) with kids starting school, you're not alone. Cry, process, feel sad. It's all valid. But also be sure to celebrate yourself getting to this point, because it is not easy. Be proud of yourself for all you have done, and remember, there are so many great things yet to come for our little ones. 🥹🤍

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