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Travel Items I Packed For My 4 Year Old

My family spent 10 days abroad in 2023, and I wanted to share what I packed for my 4 year old for the plane and car travel.

First and foremost, let me say that I did NOT pack a tablet. For this trip, I wanted to help my daughter focus more on being present and taking in the experiences, so I made the decision to not add the screen time. My daughter does have a tablet, we just decided not to take it this time.

In lieu of a tablet, we took a Yoto Mini, which is a device that plays audio book and music cards designed with young kids in mind. It allowed her to still have something to listen to, while still being able to observe what was going on around her. I stocked up on a variety of Yoto cards that kept her engaged throughout the trip! It was honestly one of the best investments of the trip. ✨

☀️ Yoto Player Mini

☀️ LOTS of snacks! (our favs are @amarababyfood )

All items are linked in my Amazon Storefront that is linked on my blog.


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