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Destination Photos with Lisbon PicTours

I'd always wanted to get destination photos taken, and our trip to Portugal seemed like the perfect opportunity. I found Lisbon PicTours through a google search, and loved the colors and clarity of their captures, so I reached out to schedule a photoshoot when we were in Lisbon. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint!

When my family travels, I'm usually behind the camera, which means there are rarely photos of my family of four all together. That's what's so great about destination photos - you're able to capture the beauty of you and your loved ones in a destination without worrying about using a self timer or getting the right angles.

These photos from our express photoshoot were taken in the Lisbon Oriente district, which houses the Oceanarium, Science Museum & Cable Cars (as seen featured in some of the photos). If you've never gotten destination photos taken, this is your sign to consider it!

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