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Exploring Porto's Food Scene with Taste Porto

Updated: Mar 13

One of the best parts of traveling is trying the local foods.

When we decided to visit Porto Portugal, I knew we’d need to take a food tour in order to really get a sense of the cuisine. Taste Porto was the best choice for our food tour - we were able to try 15 tastings featuring food & beverages from the region.

We became fast friends with our guide, André, who took us around Porto and told us about the history and culture in addition to the food and wine scene.

Here’s everything we tried during our tour:


🔹Sparkling Wine from Bairrada

🔹Red Sparkling Wine from Vine Verde

🔹10 year white Port

🔹20 year Tawny Port

🔹LBV Port

+ several more!


🔸Canned Fish Trio (tuna, sardines & razor clams)

🔸Cured Meat Platter

🔸Local Cheese Board

🔸Folar Transmontano (meat-filled bread)

🔸Alheira (oven roasted game meat)

🔸Chourico Assado (grilled sausage)

🔸Ameijoas a Bolhao Pato (clam stew)

🔸Cataplana (shellfish & fish stew)

🔸Bifana (traditional Portuguese meat sandwich)

🔸Pica-Pau (beef stew)

🔸Pastry trio

What would you love to try first? 🐟🥖🦞🍷

If yo

If you're looking for a great way to experience Porto through history, culture, sites, and food, then Taste Porto is a great option to check out! I can't say enough things about our experience.

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