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Real Talk Wednesday: Don't Let Social Media Fool You

Social media is a double edged sword. It has fostered relationships and community, spread awareness and advocacy efforts, and made people feel less alone. It has also become a breeding ground for comparison and superficiality.

It can be easy as someone looking at content creator pages like mine and thinking we have it all together. Let me be the first to tell you, none of us have it all together.

Regardless of how perfect our photos look, or how many smiling pictures of our kids we share, we are just normal people with the same challenges and problems as everyone else.

Allow me to share with you just how much I don't have it together this week.

  • Instead of throwing away a dirty napkin this morning, I threw away my phone. It took me over 15 minutes to realize where my phone was.

  • Approximately 40% of my floors are currently covered in goldfish crumbs, dirt, random shoes, and raisins.

  • I lost track of how many loads of clean laundry are piled on my floor waiting to be folded.

  • My bedding should have been washed about three weeks ago. Yah. Gross.

  • I was so exhausted by the time hubs came home today that I declared we were going out to dinner. Even though we had plenty of food in the house that could have been cooked and eaten. I just couldn’t even think about having to do one more thing.

I share these in the hopes of making fellow overwhelmed mamas feel less alone. Don't believe the personas that you see online. No one's life is full of butterflies and sunshine all the time. No one's kids are ALWAYS smiling, let alone obeying. Most are just good at hiding the challenging parts and blasting out the good parts.

Be a hot mess when you need to be. Embrace the chaos. And try not to compare your life to what you see online. I'm learning to embrace this wild ride of young motherhood in a way that is real and non-judgemental.

There is an amazing community of people here who are sharing raw and authentic content. Follow them. Support them. Because these platforms need more of THAT content.

Did any of my recent hot mess moments resonate with you? I'd love to hear below! ⬇️

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