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Family Day Trip to Cumberland Valley, PA

Updated: Jan 31

One of my favorite parts of living in Southern Pennsylvania is being a short drive away from so many great places. One of our favorite day trip locations is the Cumberland Valley. We took a family day trip there a few weeks ago and are excited to share our experience.

Check out some of our favorite things that we did together:

✨Lunch: 🌮 Caffe 101 (Boiling Springs, PA)

Located in Boiling Springs, Caffe 101 offers an extensive menu of Mexican food. We enjoyed their outdoor seating which is filled with flowers and a bright and colorful ambiance.

✨Exploration: 🦆 Children’s Lake (Boiling Springs, PA)

The girls loved watching the ducks and geese at the Children’s Lake! This is a neat area to enjoy the water - there are places to wade in the water or fish, and there are plenty of seating options to be able to sit and enjoy the views.

✨Hiking: 🥾 Appalachian Trail (Boiling Springs, PA)

The Cumberland Valley is home to three state parks, and is the midpoint of the Appalachian Trail, which stretches from Georgia to Maine. We enjoyed hiking a bit of the trail in Boiling Springs!

✨Education: 🇺🇸 U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (Carlisle, PA)

The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) is the premier facility for historical research on U.S. Army history and is dedicated to “Telling the Army Soldier at a time.” It has interactive displays both indoors and outdoors for the public to experience and learn from.

✨Sweet Treats:🍦Massey’s (Carlisle, PA)

As part of the Cumberland Valley Ice Cream Trail, we stopped by Massey’s to enjoy some ice cream and get a stamp on our 2023 Cumberland Valley Ice Cream Trail Passport. We look forward to visiting more of the locations and adding more stamps to our passport throughout the summer.

There is so much to do with your family in Cumberland Valley Co., PA. Which activity would you want to try first?

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