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Tin Marin Children's Museum in San Salvador

Come with us as we visit Tin Marin Children’s Museum in San Salvador. 🇸🇻

If you’re visiting El Salvador’s capital with little ones, this is a must visit. You cannot beat the price, with general admission being only $3.50.

There was a special dinosaur exhibit going on when we went, and they rotate other exhibits throughout the year as well. 🦕

The girls had a blast exploring all the exhibits, which you could easily spend a day exploring. GG’s favorite was making pupusas in one of the play stations, and Josie loved shopping in the grocery store. 🛒

They also have a fire truck, airplane, space ship and interactive volcano exhibit in addition to a planetarium where you can become your own astronaut and explore the sun, moon, stars and planets. 🪐 ✨

My favorite was the butterfly atrium, where we were able to walk among hundreds of butterflies from around the world in a beautiful tropical setting and learn about their life and habitat. 🦋

Tin Marin was a memorable destination, and it’s definitely worth adding to your travel list for San Salvador.


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