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San Salvador Hotel Spotlight

Updated: Jan 31

My family went on our first big adventure of 2023 to El Salvador. 🇸🇻

My husband is 1/2 Salvadorian and it has been so fun to have our family experience all that the country has to offer.

We spent our first several days in San Salvador and had a fabulous stay at @barcelosansalvador.

Here were a few of our favorite parts of the hotel:

✨Delicious breakfast buffet with traditional cuisine (daily pupusas anyone?)

✨Amazing location central to all major attractions in the city

✨Friendly and hospitable staff

✨Family-friendly (great crib for Josie - we came to find out this is NOT always the case here - more on that to come)

✨Clean and fun pool (G’s vote)!

Thank you for a great stay, Barcelo! We look forward to visiting again next time! See a few photos from our stay below.


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