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Fall Crafts for Kids

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Looking for some fall kids craft inspiration?

A few of our favorites can be found below, along with the appropriate age ranges.

🍁 Fall Bead Garland

Ages 2+ (great for toddlers to practice stringing beads)

Craft Kit from Oriental Trading (OT)

🍁Pumpkin Button Frame Kit

Ages 3+

Craft Kit from OT

🍁Cereal Tree

Ages 2+

🍁Leafy Hedgehog

Ages 3+

Craft Kit from OT

🍁Tissue Paper Campfire

Ages 3+

Craft Kit from OT

🍁Fingerprint Trees

Ages 1+

🍁Halloween Charm Bracelet

Ages 4+

Craft Kit from OT

Which craft would you love to try first with your kids?

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